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The Book Reviewer is the work of a consummate professional writer who loves to write. The Book Review itself, is a standalone work of art in the spirit of the New York Times Book Review in the old days. With the growth of the Indie Arts Market over the Internet, we provide audience and book buyer attention for the new and/or established writer. With the flourishing of the self-publishing market The Book Reviewer gives a considered opinion of all books that cross our desk, saving the Reader time and expense. The Book Review is authoritative and includes multiple purchase links. The Book Review will also be published on Amazon Stations, Good Reads, with an ads campaign on Facebook (author and writers sites), GooglePlus and Twitter. The Book Reviewer also offers Author Interviews and the creation of a Video Announcement of your Book. The Book Review, Author Interview and Video Announcement are published on and housed in the Archives. You, the author may publish the Book Review, Author Interview and Video Announcement anywhere, in hardcopy or online to market your book and bring in readership and book sales. For the word in books, The Book Reviewer.


The Book Reviewer

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