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Spoken Word by Magic, Strings, the audiobook by Gina Nemo.

Byline: The Book Reviewer

Title of Book: Strings: the audiobook

Author: Gina Nemo

Narrator: Gina Nemo

Publisher: GPlan Music/GPlan Media

Date of Publication: 2014

# of Poems: 17

“It must have been moonglow
Way up in the blue ..”
- from Moonglow by Billie Holiday

Gina Nemo reads love poetry awake in this magical spoken word offering from her first book of poetry Strings. Gina Nemo is an American actress, poet, writer, singer, songwriter, musician, entertainment/marketing executive who has graced stage and screen since a child and is best known for her role in “21 Jump Street”. This Writer has reviewed the music CD’s Cicada (2014) and Plastic Wonderland (1999) as well as the books of poetry Scarlet (2014) and Strings (2013) by Gina Nemo.

The audiobook Strings is a magical voice recording of 17 poems from the poet’s first book of poetry by the same name. This offering is enchanting, presenting elements of the Gothic Revival and the New Age word. With a beautiful and clear intonation that portrays the emotion of the work, the poet and her words come alive, a gentle seduction, moonlight on a quiet winter night. The spoken word is immediate, brings the written words off the page into a magic place beyond the presentation of the book into an entire new dimension of dance. This audiorecording is so magic it makes me wonder if the true presentation of poetry is spoken word rather than book format. As in the pagan custom from the Old Agricultural Society, during the fire festivals, people reciting poetry and stories of the tribe and ancestors, oral history alive that really was performance art.

My Suitcase

. . . a one way conversation

Did you read it?

The Secret letter,

Inside my head?

It said “Dear the one,

I have got to go.”

Come closer,

Before I disappear.

I hate goodbyes,

My suitcase inside,

Has everything,

That I need,

For a long journey,

A boat, a plane,

A hovercraft perhaps?

You can see the map,

In my eyes,

My windows are shut.

The tank is full,

I am so ready!

That’s right.

I’m leaving!

What did you say?

You don’t want me to go?

Well then,

I guess I will have to play,

Just for awhile,

A little time can’t hurt,

I’m talking to myself,


I’m thinking,

A few more days perhaps?

Maybe a bit longer?

Do you really want me to

Are you sure?

O.K., I will stay,

My suitcase is still packed,

Inside my head.”

As if the poet is the wise child, presenting the entanglements of love life N.A., telling a love story, unrequited love or love that escapes, while at the same time weaving the ideal of never ending love within reach. As if she is telling an adult bedtime story, sweet and true despite the quiet and dark. The style is narrative/broken thought forms with regular rhymes at the end of lines, heralding in an evolution from the Beat Poet tradition with post-modern Hip Hop/Rap influences, painting pictures of romance, light and dark and as if through the magic of incantations a better day.

Lost on a Train

Thinking of all those years

When the distance took its toll

I could never let you go

Fate had taken control

Both stuck on our own planet

Nothing we could do

Many nights in hotels

Escaping real life with you

You were like a cool wine

I could sip you forever

We were like a volcano

That drowned out a feather

Memories are sweet

Better than regret

Making out in a graveyard

Was just a silly bet

Life throws surprises

And then takes them away

Treasures come with age

Love in this life is not a play”

Mysterious, with elements of horror/goth perhaps influenced by the works of Edgar Allen Poe amongst others, the poetry presents as a new twist on New Age Americana.


My heart weeps,

Paint the guitar with it.

Pull my strings apart,

With your gentle whispers

And your electric shivers.

As you take me down,

To silk and springs.

Touch me,

Like you tune your soul,

In that special place,

That we know so well.

Our story that was never finished,

A tale too powerful to tell.

But still we played it well.

You were my savior,

The King of eternity.

I was your queen,

For a lifetime.

But here we are again,

Hearts still aching,

For the strings to sing.

Living parallel lives,

Waiting for the perfect ending.

Falling into yet another dream,

On that dusty country road,

Paved with hope.

You my love are home,

Stay this time.

Don’t disappear,

For you have lived,

Too many lives.

Your heart is mine.

Bury the treasure map,

Time waits,

For true love.”

This Spoken Word poetry exists in the place of modern day mythology, of dark chocolate and wine, incantations to the god of love, by the goddess, Strings, the audiobook by Gina Nemo.

Available @ CD Baby.

Genre: Poetry, New Age, Women's Literature, Audiobook

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