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Somewhere My Love Anthology: a feast from the New Age Renaissance Republique of Poetry.

Byline: Reprint from Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: Somewhere My Love

Contributors: D.C. Reid, Brendan McEntee, Zev Lawson Edwards, James Eret, Sergio A. Ortiz,
Barry Charman, Howie Good, Norma Kerby, Wilika Asimont, Pd Lyons, Rebecca Anne Banks

Publisher: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Date of Publication: 2017

Page Count: 92

“Somewhere, my love, there will be songs to sing
Although the snow covers the hopes of Spring . . .”
-from Somewhere My Love by Maurice Jarre/Paul Francis Webster

Somewhere My Love Anthology presents poetry, a feast for the senses in the school of the New Age Renaissance Republique from Subterranean Blue Poetry. The theme of the Contest/Anthology is Love and War and Peace, with the themesong Somewhere My Love from the film Dr. Zhivago as inspiration. A time of tumultuous love affair hearts during the Russian Revolution and W.W. I., a story of love and war. A story of intrigue, intertwining destinies, fate in love, politics, and the essence of love to heal, the grasping for or the loss of love to break the soul. The submissions came from around the world, British Columbia and Canada, Ireland, London and the U.K., New York, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and the United States. The contributors are writers from all walks of life, they have studied English and the Arts, some have been in the military, they are students, publishers, teachers, journalists. The poetry is considered, from Icons in the genre as well as mid-career Poets.

The style is art nouveau, exciting and unique, classical influences inside the post-modern diaspora. The juxtaposition of life/light/love/peace with death/darkness/hate/war and the struggle for the human soul. Featuring disjointed thought train, nature imagery, Symbolist/Surrealist influences - in the emotional brokenness of lost love, the disembodied soul with the light shining in. The conflicted spaces of love in the war economy, we as soldiers, we as people who live and perhaps die in the road, people not at home. This poetry lives inside magic, the world as magic inside tragedy, the writing is an image of the struggle into the New World, with the humanist choir seeking an end to war.

The writings are an invocation of T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land, this Poet’s broken response to the First World War, classical images yet introducing broken thought forms, a brilliant new evocation in 1923. The New Age Poets in Somewhere My Love, are a progression from this work, a sharper, more truncated presentation, a new scream into the darkness, in response to the post-modern war society.

A fantastical array of New Age Poets writing in the new day into the dawning of the see and be seen world community, the Internet draws us closer creating communication and the hope for peace, justice and love in the New World. Poetry that illuminates the human condition, a treatise in New Age poetic form, dances in the light, Somewhere My Love Anthology from Subterranean Blue Poetry, a unique and brilliant cast upon the waters for peace.

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Genre: Poetry, New Age

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