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Poetic Potpourri

by Marc Mullo

If it’s not Leonard Cohen I’m not reading it

The poetry and photos

fruit on the cover mojo

looked like food

don’t be fooled.

This small collection of poems,

bad bad hip hop by a white boy,

rhymes is simple say

didn’t make my day.

Christian Christian once said

making poetry rhyme dead

is like the perfect murder

not noticed by Franken’furter

this book of poetry a’int it

I can’t find my Canadian Lit

Calling Dr. Bombay,

Calling Dr. Bombay

“ This place has always been a favorite of mine,

Hovering over Lake Superior in Minnesota

suits me just fine ”

“Our American Friends” bored

aren’t our friends anymore

after reading this Poetic Potpourri

it wasn’t so poetic to me

stories of 911, Phil Collins, Christmas and sports

all rhyme, I am writing a torte

“As we grow older Xmas is just another day,

Its still all about families I must say ”

well, Christmas or not

now its been read

I hope I don’t lose my cred

writing this Review.

“ Grappling with depression is still my daily uphill fight,

Sending thanks to the founder of E.A. is never out of sight! ”

having read this book

I am depressed by the rhymy hook

now I need Emotions Anonymous too

Boo hoo.

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Genre: Poetry

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