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Off the Leash, Generation X writes in the New Age.

Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry 

Title of Book: Off the Leash

Author: Ryan Vallee

Publisher: Creative Talents Unleashed

Date of Publication: 2015

Pages: 84

“My daydream screams bitter 'til the end
The love i share -true- selfish to the heart
My heart, my sacred heart . . . “
- from Daydream by Smashing Pumpkins

Off the Leash, the grand, the sweet, the conflicted and violent love poetry truthtelling of the New Age, a new offering from Generation X. Ryan Vallee was born and lives in Michigan. He has been writing poetry since public school and intermittently since high school. I suspect, now a calling, his regular poetry offerings can be found on Facebook, GooglePlus and the Internet channel. This is his first book of poetry.

This book of poetry has a dog on the front cover and the title Off the Leash, alludes to the man/Poet as dog theme. Revealing the conflicted power constructs of life N.A., perhaps the pain of rotating love relationships and the effects of sexual violation on the human soul.

Didn’t Stop Me

Your body
Is a wonderland.

Your heart
Is a haunted house.

Your mind
Is a serial killer’s

A new art nouveau style, perhaps a fledgling Leonard Cohen, an evolution from the post-modernist school, 30 years later, a man’s narrative on love and the violence of serial sexual relationships, N.A. The poetry is more pared in, often visceral, some of the short poems present as a type of non-traditional Haiku with profound wisdom.

Note to Self 2


Can grow


As long as


Let them

The imagery brushes with themes from nature and the grey of the crumbling urban cityscape architecture. As if love letters, the poetry is sweetheart and engenue, giving insight and perhaps a secret "behind the curtain" glimpse into the mysterious landscape of the Poet’s personal life. The universal theme of love, man’s natural inclination for love/sex and how it can all go terribly right and terribly wrong. As if the tenets of the Holy Spirit and the cultural/political milieu need to be revealed so that people in their natural state are married to their Starcrossed or more suited lover on a Sign from God for longterm, hopefully when they are young adults.

Lipstick Lover

I believed everything

Disclosed through

Your ruby rush


Illusions in the night

That asked to be warm

Into silk carnations

With the morning sun

The poetry, in a breath, is the push and pull of romantic tension, an exciting and new breath. As you fall into the round aura of the poetry, it is an exciting escape from the everyday, a new personality, a new reality, a new love affair. A promising first book of poetry, I look forward to more work from this poet, Off the Leash by Ryan Vallee.

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Genre: Poetry, New Age

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