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Odd Remains, the passion in the dance.

Byline: Reprint from Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: Odd Remains

Author: Ginna Wilkerson

Publisher: Eleusinian Press

Date of Publication: 2013

Page Count: (84)

Odd Remains is the first book of poetry by Ginna Wilkerson, poet, scholar, teacher, mother and spouse. She has had poems published in many journals including Gertrude, Currents, Octavius, The Sow’s Ear amongst others.

This Writer experiences Odd Remains as “Sappho sings to the night sky.” As if the healing energy of women could recreate the world beautiful inside the matriarchy, as if anything that was wrong could be arighted. From Beautiful Lies, “Encompassing love would need to begin/ even deeper – in the hearts of trees/ and the tight-knit souls of stones,/ the fingers of unbearably soft babies/ and the silky-slik fur of a newborn tiger”.

The images are powerful from the passion and beauty of the body to nature imagery, perhaps influenced by her study of Medieval Literature, also subtly reflecting the violence of the lost values of the Holy Spirit way/cultural occlusion in N.A. and how this has manifested spaces of loss and brokenness in love. From Beneath the Landscape – “My torso, fetus-curled, perches aloft” and Carried in the Body – “Slow pain/ like a stalker watching/ from the fire-escape/ in a black and white/ film noir and from Weavers – “Hands that warm death/ from the stone,/ warm her own bones,/ cradling herself in the weaving.”

And the use of images in nature; fish, tigers, cats, wolves, lakes, river, ocean, stones, trees, flowers. From Dandelion Dust – “a beckoning patch of yellow/ waited here once – a breath of clover,/ a touch of heather, and/ banks of heady dandelions:/ circles and spirals and avenues/ of small yellow heart-grabbing eyes” and Beautiful Lies – “forming ponds and rivers and lakes/ and finally our unknowable/ ocean depths”. And Purple Moon is one of my favourites from the collection for its sense of sorrow and moonlight:

Purple Moon

The hotel hallway swims with water.
Spice-scented guests move ahead.
Immunity is everything when you dare.

She finds herself in a blue-walled
Room. More than two in a bed
means confusion and drowning.

Silken hair tangles with waves
While bodies writhe in sensual
despair. Yes and no are the same.

She climbs from a tilted window,
escaping under a purple moon
shining violet on her fragile skin.

As if the poems are telling a story, inspired by life events, enigmatic that the Reader can only glimpse in painted images. A background thread of theme is perhaps the story of her love affair unfolding. A journal of sights and sounds, a chronicle of the end times.

Desire Is            for MK

any flower but a rose
       between the leaves of a book
flat enough
       to spread like a quilt
       on a honeymoon bed,
strong enough
       to stretch beyond
       the absence of gentle fingers –
the naked space pulsing
       your heat
lingering scent in the pages

A very promising first volume of poetry, looking for more from this Poet. Odd Remains, the passion in the dance by Ginna Wilkerson.

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Genre: Poetry, New Age, Women's Literature, Feminist Literature

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