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In Between the Lines, romantic poetry for the lovelorn.

Byline: Reprint from Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book:  In Between the Lines

Author: James McInerney

Publisher: James McInerney

Date of Publication: 2012

Pages: 173

“I can feel your heartbeat”
- from I Can Feel Your Heartbeat by David Cassidy

In Between the Lines is romantic poetry, a reflection of conflicted love lives and the emotional violence of love lives, 21st century from James McInerney. James McInerney is a British Poet/Author/Photographer and husband with two children, born in Northampton, “Poet’s Corner”. He discovered writing in his 20’s, influenced by classical and instrumental film scores his writing turned into a passion. An internet phenomena, his work has been published in local and international magazines and he has appeared on BBC radio.

This Writer first began to take note of James McInerney on GooglePlus, the romantic theme plays catching attention and drawing me in. In Between the Lines is his first book of poetry, like reading dimestore romance novels, penny dreadfuls for the lovelorn, consuming soundbites of love. The love poetry reads as heartfelt and truthful, in first person narrative, sometimes confessional, usually in the voice of a man, sometimes in the voice of a woman. The poetry features the torments of serial love relationships woven with nature imagery. The poems rhyme frequently and obviously at the end of lines, harkening to the Romantic Poets of the early 18th century. Romantic Poetry was a reaction to Neoclassicism and the French Revolution. The latter poetry was based in reason and intellect, whilst Romantic poetry was based in love and emotion, emphasizing melancholy, subjectivity, nature and escapism, all features of In Between the Lines.


What is it in our mind,

That leads us to believe,

That people can love us,

As they use us and leave.

And what’s in our hearts,

That needs it so bad,

When we find something new,

We always seem to crave what we had.

And what of our bodies,

The physical touch,

When one night of passion,

Is often too much.

But who is it that helps,

When the relationship ends,

More important than love,

These people are our friends.

Almost like a highschool confessional, the poetry riffs on the emotional pain of broken relationships, perhaps supporting the status quo. As the poetry harkens to an old world style, and does not play with the parameters of language, it does not really shake the world into a true anarchy. However, in the truthtelling itself is groundbreaking revelation, telling of the violence of emotional pain when an intimate love relationship ends.

Scars For An Angel

In my fragile state,

There’s always a potential for harm,

Because the smile I show the world,

Hides all the cuts upon my arms.

The wounds will always heal,

But they leave behind their scars,

And I’m reminded as I cry,

Of all the pain left in my heart.

If there’s a beauty deep within me,

Tell me where does it sleep?

For I’m so tired of being something ugly,

That no one ever needs.

I keep praying that an angel,

Will wake me from this dream,

But it’s hard to believe in heaven,

When I have no self-esteem.

If I told you all my reasons,

I know you’d never understand,

I’m not asking for forgiveness,

Just a friend to hold my hand.

Some of the poetry is like a mumenchance, and somewhat trite, while some of the poetry you fall into like a good love affair that captures the heart. Like a stage play, the twists and turns of a love relationship, romance by candy. A poetry writing gift will ripen over time, it evolves and morphs in fantastical ways, it is important to keep writing and polish the language, the images. There is great healing in artistic endeavour and those that witness the gift can also be inspired and helped with healing. For a first book of poetry, the truthtelling is brave and inspiring showing promise.


For my wings I have no use,

To reach heaven

I need neither fly nor soar,

But instead fall,

Fall in love.

I read James McInerney regularly on GooglePlus, the poetry is often presented in calligraphy or pictured inside frames and his writing has become more profound and therefore more interesting, like falling into a love affair on a summer’s day. You can also find videos featuring his poetry on YouTube and he has his own WebSite @ He has just published his second book of poetry, Bloom, which I am looking forward to reading.

Genre: Poetry

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