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the vitamins of an alphabet, exciting New Age poetry synergies from Sean Braune
and above/ground press

Byline: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: the vitamins of an alphabet

Author: Sean Braune

Publisher: above/ground press

Date of Publication: 2016

Pages: 24

“Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?”
- The Sesame Street Theme Song

the vitamins of an alphabet, stretching the bounds of poetry into a wild experiment in New Age surrealism and visual poetry, the work is enigmatic, mixing mathematical equations with words and pictures with new word constructs. Sean Braune is a graduate student in English at York University who has been invited to speak to Yale University graduate students on his avante garde poetry and theories of reformation of semiotic signs. His research papers have been published in Postmodern Culture, Canadian Literature, Journal of Modern Literature amongst others. His poetry has been published in ditch, Rampike, Poetry is Dead, The Puritan amongst others.

Of the biggest excitement for This Writer, and indeed, I suspect for any publisher is the discovery of new poetry synergies. “That’s not poetry” begs the question “is that poetry?” and with great delight after some reflection elicits the response “that IS poetry”. This is the essence of Poet Braune’s mysterious off road journeys. The first part of the vitamins of an alphabet is reconstructed language synergies, new juxtapositions and conjugations that play on words and meanings, surreal, inflight language with occasional rhymes that play with the light. Perhaps conjuring a more sophisticated child than the DaDa movement of World War I with totally nonsensical art without meaning in response to the atrocities of war. As if a children’s game of rhymes only more intriguing, more enlightening, as if a response to some hidden dialectic of violence.

“My grapheme is a grape for a hematoma is a grappa opa in oneiric states of

aire. Rerum the reruns against stairs:”

“Your hair looks like a green, leafy vegetable

or the vitamins

of an alphabet”

Perhaps alluding to power constructs, “the alphabet”, a loose construct of international conglomerates running the world, the violence of shock doctrine (a violent unofficial system of government) and “the cult of ego” values of the West.

“We are all little flowers tended by arrogant gods     and galoshes,


My ants

             Paints monsters.”

As the cultural matrix in the West implodes from the weight of chaos and violence, stress from miscreant personal/political agendas, a burgeoning population and the Transition Economy, out of the Existential darkness, a new direction emerges in the light of understanding the cultural milieu and the Holy Spirit paradigm.

The second part of the Chapbook is titled “Three Poequations (After Smithson)” and presents a series of mathematical equations woven with words and ideas. Perhaps an experiment in poetic enlightenment for math/physics scholars.

The third part of the Chapbook is titled “Four Variations on the Signifier” and presents a definition of signifier in relation to semiotics. “ a sign’s physical form (such as a sound, printed word, or image) as distinct from its meaning.” Playing with the word signifier and morphing it into 4 new words each with its own picture, perhaps an experiment in poetic enlightenment for English majors and artists. Playing with language, weaving mathematics with words/ideas and new word constructs with pictures, Poet Braune enlightens and recreates the magic of poetry in New Age synergies. the vitamins of an alphabet, enlightening and innovative, a brilliant poetic event from Sean Braune and above/ground press.

Available @ above/ground press.

Genre: Poetry, New Age

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