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poorsong one: poetry in ecstatic experience.

Byline: Reprint from Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: poorsong one

Author: Lisa Robertson

Publisher: above/ground press

Date of Publication: 2017

Pages: 16

“The White Lightening – On a dead end street”
- from White Lightening by Def Leppard

poorsong one by Lisa Robertson is poetry that lives within ecstatic experience, a treatise on love in the war economy. Lisa Robertson is a Poet who makes Chapbooks and lives in the small village of Nalliers in France, originally she is from Vancouver. This is the second Chapbook she has published with above/ground press, the first being “On Physical Real Beginning and What Happens Next” (2012).

This poetry is a joyous creation. Perhaps the product of serial love affairs, the painful trend of ended beginnings and the karmic dissonance that manifests violence and a debt-ridden war economy. As if a celebration of an unnatural brightness around the eyes that often leads to brilliance and tragedy. At once a freedom call and a call to love, the poet throws caution to the wind and the poetry blooms in song.

“Day Opens on Water

You say the Water is not a Grave

Over the still mirror of Water

Love moves the Bright Shadows

Penetrates Borders”

An enigmatic symbolist offering in staccato gun shot delivery, it is as if the page is a dark horizon and the poetry emerging over the mountain is pure emblazoned light. The running thread of imagery through the work is songs or singing with images from the natural world. The work highlights different perspectives on love relationships, how in antiethical theory one seeks to always be in an intimate love relationship often with revolving lovers when the natural order of the universe is that everyone should be in a happy longterm covenant marriage to their Fated One, or someone on a positive Sign from God that lasts forever.

A brilliant rendition of “where has the love gone”, a fresh look at all the Satanic Verses singing into war, poorsong one by Lisa Robertson.

Available @ above/ground press.

Genre: Poetry, New Age, Women's Literature

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