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The Inspired Heart Exclusive Anthology: Poets and Poetry from 2014, a photo in time.

Byline: The Book Reviewer

Title of Book: The Inspired Heart Exclusive: Edition 4

Author: Zo-Alonzo Gross, Kay Kinghammer, Michael Ellis, Gina Nemo, Wilika Asimont, Emily Bilman, Patricia Ross, Katherine L. Gordon, Mahasty Eslahy, Natalie Dixon, Dana Chambers, Loloi Speaks, Bruce Kauffman, Robert Gibbons, Ishmael Street, Melinda Cochrane.

Publisher: MCI Writer’s House

Date of Publication: 2014

Page Count: 167

“that which fires the heart,
fires the soul”

Another fantastical offering from MCI Writer’s House, an international poetry anthology, The Inspired Heart Exclusive, Edition 4 in the Inspired Heart series. MCI Writer’s House is a New Age Canadian publishing company run by Melinda Cochrane (Poet, Writer, Editor, Radio Host, Teacher, Mentor, Publisher), that specializes in mentoring its authors.

An international mix of Poets, African Americans, Indian peoples, Americans, Canadians, India, Iran, Switzerland; a glorious taste of poetry, most poets with books for further delving, bathing in the new synergies of words. The lines that strike a chord, the image that comforts the minds eye, drawing you into the Poets experience, a dance with life. All the different voices raising their hands, a bridge across the water for change and peace in a new day. The themes of love, struggle, suffering, survival, spirituality, loneliness, freedom, art, nature, the dialectic between men and women, shine, illuminate and underline the state of existence in a violent world.

The three features include Zo-Alonzo Gross, Kay Kinghammer and Michael Miller, established American poets in their own voices. Zo-Alonzo Gross, hip-hop and smooth rhythm poetry from Pennsylvania, USA – an original style that uses icons, numbers and capitalization for emphasis making the poem a feast for the senses.

“A Deeper Reason 4 The Day...

There is a Deeper Reason why,
in private,
many people's tears flow-
A Deeper Reason why,
through the years,
they refuse 2 let them show-.
There is A Deeper Reason why,
many with abundance R unwilling 2 give-+
A Deeper Reason why,
many whom R alive R 2 afraid 2 live-+.
Verily I Say...
There is A Deeper Reason why,
someone prays with all of their might ^
this same reason keeps them awake,
in the annals of night^
but without faith they stayeth in darkness,
O' So depraved of Light^.
I again say 2 Thee/
There is A Deeper Reason that saith,
2 set our inner captives free/
Woe 2 those with wounded blind eyeZ,
as this truth they can not see/
4 u may run away as the gypsy doeZ,
but from UR Essence Thou Shalt Not Flee/.
But Alas,
4 So Duly I Do Say{-
the old & foolish shall surely perish
& in their prideful-foolery decay{-.
4 There is A Deeper Reason why,
many a dream goeZ astray{-
A Deeper Reason 4 ur existence,
A Deeper Reason 4 The Day{-}.

Kay Kinghammer from Seattle, Washington born from the Baby Boom Generation and the conflicted state of personal relations in war horse America. A feminist Beat Poet in the truth of poetryspeak:

“A Day in the Life of the Poet

She is
Mourning in the morning,
Sad at six,
Sorrowful at seven,
Elegiac at eight,
Nostalgic at nine,
Troubled at ten,
Morose at midmorning,
Edgy at eleven,
Numb at noon,
Obsessive at one,
Tense at two,
Terrified at three,
Angry in the afternoon,
Furious at four,
Fevered at five,
Sanctimonious at six,
Sardonic at seven,
Teary in the twilight,
Eager at eight,
Nervous at nine,
Tender at ten,
Earthy and easy at eleven,
Aware and awake and alone at midnight,
Naked in the night.”

Michael Ellis from the City of Angels, California, fully formed in a brilliant Beat/rap style here, crafts time-honoured tributes to Maya Angelou and Gwendolyn Brooks.

“Between Gwen And Me

(Excerpts from four letters
From a Pulitzer prize winning poet)
June 1996 - December 1997

I was close to thirty and wanted to die
She was near eighty and wanted to live
I had nothing to lose. She had everything to give.
“I’m looking for my unemployment check, Mr.
Can you check in your bag again?”
Sorry, Sir. All I got is this letter from Chicago,
From some woman named Gwen.
“That can’t buy food and diapers.
Where is that supposed to spend?”
And those same hands that wrote Annie Allen and
Bean Eaters
Were now writing me
Same mind that won a Pulitzer, reading my poetry.
"No way! This just can’t be.”
You’re still young. You have plenty of time to master
your craft.
If I had opened my window, I would have heard
those Dead Poets laugh.

August 9, 1996

I sent her Birth O' The Blues, expecting an A.
She sent it back and gave me a C.
Mailman says, Sir, Gwen sent you another letter.
“How dare she tell me my rhymes are off and that I
can do better!”

January 17, 1997

Gwen writes, Thanks for letting me read your work.
I reply, I read your Guide for Young Writers all the
way through.
Now I know how to use Metaphors and similes,
thanks to you
So if you’ll excuse me Gwen,
I got more dying to do.
Sincerely, Michael. Thank You.

December 24, 1997

My eyesight is failing and I don’t know how much
longer I’ll live.
I reply, “You can’t die Gwen, You’re a Pulitzer prize
Poets are supposed to die at a hundred and two.
I’m supposed to be at the checkout desk before you.
And besides, Gwen, I need you.”
My life can be cut short at any time.
A three page letter and not one mention of
a metaphor, verse or rhyme.
I’m sorry, I can’t help you,
But I’m almost out of time.
She wrote of Langston Hughes
Of hard work, and paying dues
And there were personal things she told me
That I will keep until I’m ninety-three
Matters to be kept private
Between Gwen and me.

Three years later, God took those beautiful hands.
"When you’re eighty, you’ll understand. Keep A

The beautiful imagery in the New Age poetry of Wilika Asimont as if painting pictures with descriptions of nature, weaving feminine essence in the Beat tradition.


we think we have time
before the gate is shut
to escape these pink walls
but what of the ghosts
clinging to lacey curtains
lost dreams on silky pillows
a breath of fresh air
soon to arrive
staleness hovers
shutters swing open
waiting hope
fragrance seeps
listening to heavy rain
to make a sea
of tempest and gale
the dark lagoon
has its memories too
fodder to be tilled, turned over
deep the abyss peers
the maiden’s call
seasoned moon’s rays shine
pearls strung, the web is woven
from oyster’s shell
casting to the wind
no time to lose
this endless drift
in a place, no time stands still”

The New Age Celtic blues rhythm poetry of Melinda Cochrane, the iconic passion and the undertoad of love N.A. An image of a beautiful woman in a darkened bar writing poetry with the rain falling in sepia greys into the long night. The sonance and blues of Crazy Train, the magic.

Also with the Beat/rap musings on love by Gina Nemo. Emily Bilman writes Eros, An Allegory, enigmatic, using nature imagery in the study of evil. The new word synergies by Katherine L. Gordon in Far from Grounded. The love poetry of Patricia Ross, holding her dream close, the torture of dark thoughts in What If. The Iranian Poet, Mahasty Eslahy who explores new boundaries as an immigrant to Ireland, in the tradition of Hafiz and Rumi. The Hip Hop/Beat style of Natalie Dixon infused with revelations of the Holy Spirit. The rhythmic chants of Loloi Speaks writing of the Holy Spirit. Dana Chambers writing on the nature of love. The Zen musings and nature imagery of Bruce Kauffman. The words in birth by Robert Gibbons, the rhythm and lilt of A Child in the Sun. The Beat/rap reflections on love by American poet Ishmael Street.

A study in the New Age Beat Poetry tradition, weaving stories of triumph and celebration in the new arts culture society. The Inspired Heart Exclusive: Edition 4 a photo in time, the song of international poets and their poetry from the year 2014, sweet, sweet offerings from MCI Writer’s House.

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Genre: New Age, Poetry

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