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The Children of Orpheus Anthology from Subterranean Blue Poetry.

Byline: Reprint from Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: The Children of Orpheus

Editors: Rebecca Anne Banks and Bruce Kauffman

Contributors: Adrian Ernesto Cepeda, Stephen Bett, Strider Marcus Jones, Zo-Alonzo Gross, Alexia Zakariya, Jeevan Bhagwat, Gregg Dotoli, Michael Thomas Allen, Mercedes Webb-Pullman, Cassy Welburn, Sarah Brown Weitzman, Bekah Steimel, Megan Merchant, Elizabeth Beck, Lila Hope-Simpson, Su Zi, Jennifer Footman, Judy Hall, Kenneth Kesner, Psalm A Praise, Edilson A. Ferreira, Rebecca Anne Banks.

Publisher: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Date of Publication: 2016

Pages: 182

“Suzanne takes you down to her place near the river
You can hear the boats go by, you can spend the night forever”
- from Suzanne by Leonard Cohen

The Children of Orpheus Anthology, a fantastical book of New Age Renaissance love poetry is the first Contest/Anthology from Subterranean Blue Poetry. The Anthology was inspired by the story of Orpheus in Greek mythology, Orpheus is a Poet/Musician/Oracle, his music has the gift of enchantment. Upon discovering his wife Eurydice dead, he journeys to the underworld where in his grief he plays for Hades and Persephone who were so moved they allow her to return to the upper world with him, with the one admonition to not look back. Eurydice follows him to the upper world, but once there he becomes anxious and he looks back, as she vanishes into the mists forever. The prize for the best New Age love poem is a magnum of French Champagne, all proceeds from book sales go to a local Women’s Drop-In, Chez Doris in Montreal. Subterranean Blue Poetry is a popular online poetry journal, Poetry Editor Rebecca Anne Banks is also a Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist/Philosopher/Counselor/Activist who has written over 27 books of poetry and produced 3 CD’s of music.

The Children of Orpheus Anthology is a cross-cultural and international poetry collection with 22 writers from Canada, United States, Nigeria, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, all writing love themed poetry. The different experiences of love and relationship make for a rich mix, often a reflection of the broken and violent war economy of the Western World. An excellent example of the craft of poetry in the early 21st Century, all of the Poets featured have considered work and write in an original voice.

Adrian Ernesto Cepeda is the winner of the Contest/Anthology with We could’ve painted skies blue. A beautiful suite of poems, in “Love American Style”, hot, erotic love poetry in the back seat of cars and hotel rooms. Reminiscences of Frank Sinatra, Kim Hunter, and Marlon Brando, a postcard of Hollywood. The poetry in sweet New Age forms, a brush with art and nature images in the New Age Renaissance.

Zo-Alonzo Gross is the American Shakespeare. Beautiful and elegant riffs in beats, with regular rhyme, perhaps influenced by rap music and the Beat Poets. The Poet incorporates Old English words in a post-modern context, e.g. “Awaken Thy Love”, “verily”, “sendeth”, the original use of language is also accompanied by original and creative use of punctuation. Love themes of missing a lover and conflicted love themes, a riveting New Age Renaissance beat, bringing new life to the world of poetry.

Cassy Welburn, is the consumate story teller, creating mythos inside the Old World village, she portrays dark power paradigms in a subtle way that reveals violent truths, in the written/spoken word hope for redemption. The poem A Bridge of Feathers inspired by QiXi, a Chinese Valentine’s Day legend, is a dark portrayal of a girl’s search for love. Her poetry is highlighted by nature imagery is a beautiful and original take on the New Age Renaissance.

Stephen Bett, Canadian Poet, writing poetry in bare minimalist form, is an excellent experience in the original use of language. A reflection of the coming of age in the 1960’s peace generation, this poetry takes on the New World in exciting new forms.

Michael Thomas Allen writes like a New Age sage, as if the post-modern Kahlil Gibran. His writings on love in philosophic, universal truths, the nature imagery, the beautiful offering inside the dark spaces of love N.A.

Mercedes Webb-Pullman writes openly of the violence of love, in a world where people often have serial love relationships. In the post-apocalypse cityscape, the violence of love N.A. is reflected in the truncated style of disjointed thoughts, as if influenced by T.S. Eliot. The use of nature images, and Greek mythology and Shakespearian allusions, is an excellent study in the New Age Renaissance.

Psalm A Praise, a Nigerian Poet, in an inspiration for a lover wrote a poem a day for 31 days in Songs for Orente. The Nigerian lilt, of sunlight and earth, casts the English language in a new and exciting form. Love with nature images, and deep inspiration, a song of heaven.

Strider Marcus Jones, reconstructs broken love in Celtic idioms. As if casting words, in pagan sympathies for forever love, the poetry rhymes repeatedly. Perhaps influenced by Seamus Heaney amongst others and a modern trend back to rhyme in poetry. Original images, often based in nature and love erotica, sometimes with new words creates a ground breaking trend in literature.

New Age Renaissance poetry is celebrated in The Children of Orpheus, this tour de force Anthology. Art nouveau poetry rhythms with highlights of nature imagery, sometimes erotica, a return to romance and always the beauty inside. In the truth telling the mythos of love is recast, as an ideal, the dream of a happy longterm marriage, the forever heart. The Children of Orpheus from Subterranean Blue Poetry. A brilliant read.

Genre: Poetry, New Age, Women's Literature

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