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Strings, the Love Heart Beat of Gina Nemo.

Byline: The Book Reviewer

Title of Book: Strings

Author: Gina Nemo

Publisher: Melinda Cochrane International

Date of Publication: 2013

Page Count: 87

Gina Nemo, celebrated actress, performer, writer, songwriter, musician, television producer and director has written Strings, her first book of poetry. Ms. Nemo has been published in various anthologies and internationally. In the introduction she writes that the poetry is influenced by a dream and past and present love affairs.

As if carried on a fairytale wind the work has American Goth and Rap Music influences and seems to harken to another time. The poetry blooms from a musical background and the lyrics play not unlike a George Gershwin (American Jazz Composer) sound sheet from the 1920’s. It is almost as if the poetry demands music. There is an unwritten post-modern poetry style rule, that rhyme schemes should be unnoticed, like the perfect murder (an accident) however, this is not the case with most of this poetry. This Art Nouveau style of poetry emerges from the mists, with a white rap and American Beat Poet influence. The illusory Muse, somewhere in the background, just beyond reach, the Poet writes.

Like witchcraft, poetry rhyming and certain rhyme schemes are used in magic, as if casting a spell, to make love come true. In "Velvet Echoes" – “That voice,/ Your velvet echoes,/ Still ringing in my ear,/ Like an old song./ Here once again,/ Your soul whispers/ From another time,/ When you were mine./ Those velvet echoes,/ From years before/ Where our love began,/ Here again for more,/ Hold on this time,/ Don’t disappear./ I hear your voice,/ I know you’re near.” The steady rhyme and capitalization at the beginning of each line with all i’s dotted and t’s crossed, as if harkening to a more copacetic time when love was real, and Coke was the real thing at the soda counter with ice cream and 2 straws from the same tall glass.

In "No Ordinary Love" - “Hold onto love,/ Don’t taint the dove,/ With the little girl face./No ordinary plan,/ Just you the man,/And your suitcase./ You the man/ And your suitcase.” In "Deep Sleep" - “What were you thinking?/ That day the clouds came,/ sucking up the rain/ then tossing it out again.” As well as love hooks for songs, the poetry could be sweetheart notes you give to your lover, in "If I could reach you" – “If I could reach you/ In every way/ Surround you with love/ Forever and a day “ or in "New Light" – “New light travels fast, /Just like dreams do,/ Full hearts never last,/ Unless they are true."

My favourite poem is:





Just you

Just memories

Of easy times

Lovely dreams

Moments repeat

To some sound

In the distance


In the streets

All in time


In faces you meet

Your world is mine

In the streets

Memories fade

Life is remade

With worn out feet

Just walking

To nowhere

But you

In the streets."

Being more post-modernist, this Writer adheres to the unwritten not noticed rhyme scheme in poetry rule but this poem is really quite innovative and in a pared in style. You can hear the old beat box in the background, on the city street corner, people gathering in the sunshine to sing and dance.

In the New Age with the advent of the Internet poetry as a medium has exploded into different styles and different formats. Poetry with photos, in music and film, all at the touch of the keyboard, you are the Artist, the Creator, as if the world is morphing, in the great democracy, the Artist is true freedom. Major trends as well as the Post-modernists (the style of Leonard Cohen), there is a trend of poetic prose, as seen in the works presented by Rob McLennan and above/ground Press, narrative poetry, Haiku and Tanka, and Beat/rap tradition pieces all flowing and melding across the written page on the Internet. A truly great poem is so, regardless of style, welcome to the feast of offerings.

Driving down the highway by the ocean you can hear Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers singing "An American girl", the American juke box, the song and the melody, dreams in the land of love, Strings, a promising first book of poetry from Gina Nemo.

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Genre: Poetry, Women's Literature

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