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Scarlet: love poetry with that Nemo magic, by Gina Nemo.

Byline: The Book Reviewer

Title of Book: Scarlet

Author: Gina Nemo

Publisher: Melinda Cochrane International

Date of Publication: 2014

Page Count: 42

Scarlet, the love poetry of Gina Nemo. As well as being a Poet, she is a writer, producer and director of television, producer and writer of music, musician and actress. She began her Hollywood career starring in the 21 Jump Street television series. This is Gina Nemo’s second book of poetry, and this Writer’s second Book Review for her.

A good book of poetry is like opening a box of fine chocolates. The sweet, sweet love poetry rolls out like candy and fire in cadence, not unlike a song. In the background Ricky Nelson sings, “a be bop baby” “a be bop baby”. Borrowing from the Beat Poet tradition, the modern Hip Hop genre and American BeBop, the poetry is Romance American style.

From: Swoop

“Sometimes I wish I were a bird
So I could swoop down to you
Maybe sit on your window sill
Just sit and sing a song or two

Hoping you will know it is me
In the way I sing that tune
The notes from a long time ago
When we sat under that moon”

As if playing on the theme of lost/conflicted love, the poetry writes, some ancient appeal of a girl to the universe for the perfect love that lasts. The flowing rhyme scheme creating sonance, like sweet offerings, perhaps spinning magic into the perfect lover. As if the world is just beginning to pull itself out of the heartache of too much love lost inside the miasma of the Industrialized Western war/culture machine and into the imagine peace, imagine love of the New Age.

Him and Him Again

“He speaks to me

In some chemical


All I can think of

Is a river of melody

Coming with him

He is inside of me

Him and him again

As we touch

He feels me

In that moment

Where time escapes

As we fall down

To that silky water

Floating in paradise

Of fire and lace

I want him to hide

Deep inside

Then devour me

Again and again

I want no other

His hunger and fire

Only him

Him and him again”



I see red

Upon my lips

On my finger tips

On my silk robe

Plates and cups

Scarlet stones

On my ear lobes


Sexy night

Fire and light

No worries

In sight

You and me


And cream

Rubies and



Ripped seams


From goodbyes



Put on ice


The poetry wraps the Reader in the familiar of old songs on the radio, beautiful love poems like gathering stars from the sky.

From: What He Does

“What he does

What he knows

He holds on

So close”

From: Your Slice

“All inside

Your flight

As you wait

In the window

Behind your warm



The celebrated landscape despite hard times, the truth of love lost and heartache is woven into a song of the heart. It is on the surface a deceptively simple style yet the poetry tells the story of love from the streets of New York to the streets of L.A. The red rose of love on Summer winds, that Nemo magic, Scarlet by America's Sweetheart Gina Nemo.

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and Melinda Cochrane International.

Genre: Poetry, New Age, Women's Literature

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