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Happens Is The Sun by Jamie Bradley and above/ground press.

Byline: Reprint from Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: Happens Is The Sun

Author: Jamie Bradley

Publisher: above/ground press

Date of Publication: 2015

Page Count: 14

“Who has the candy with the soft insides?”
- from Lie to Me by David Byrne

This exciting Chapbook, Happens Is The Sun is the work of Jamie Bradley. A noted Poet and Reviewer widely read in journals, Arc Poetry Magazine, CV2, Rattle, Descant amongst others, this is his 3rd published Chapbook. He is a Professor of English literature in Ottawa.

A New Age style, borrowing from the Symbolist and Imagist Schools, the images flow nonsensical, sometimes beautiful, often violent and enigmatic, as a long poem.

“I tried to make my love letters black
as dry salvia. No match.”


“Alice, this once, turns her teacup
over her head, cola eyed.”


“Dreams of rain devolve into pointillism,
the lie of precision location.”

Images of nature mix with images of sexuality and war in new word symbiosis, the flow of disconnected sentences, violent and reminiscent of the DaDa movement. After World War I, people were left babbling with remorse at the horrors of war, inventing a school of art, DaDa, where the work was nonsensical and without meaning.

“I love to watch the river-clad girls.
I keep my own blood.”


“Cum on your thigh, and now:
if it is final: a journey by land.”


“The perfume pools
at her breasts, evaporates.”

The mysterious lines of poetry, as if a protest against love lost, the oppression of the war horse economy. The enigmatic disconnected sentences/thoughts, haunting images, a glimpse behind a curtain, the anger and depression, the violence, something is wrong.

“As if something is leaving
and put to flame.”


“I dig a hole in the earth
to rival the sky; anti-grief.”


“In a Cuernavaca market, the flesh hangs
everywhere: pig flesh, wood flesh.”

As if a lament of time and circumstance, the Poet, expertly places 2 line sentences in an in order/out of order sequence that captivates with the juxtaposition of nature, love and violence images, a lullabye for those that sleepwalk through winter nights. “O to be in Palestine in the spring.” Gifts of poetry candy, “Happens Is The Sun” by Jamie Bradley.

Genre: Poetry, New Age

Available @ above/ground press.

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