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Further Freedoms: a brilliant New Age Chapbook.

Byline: Reprint from Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title: Further Freedoms

Author: Adam Cramb

Publisher: Leaf Press

Date of Publication: 2014

Page Count: 7

Further Freedoms is poetry in the style of the New Age, a love missive from Nanaimo, British Columbia by Adam Cramb. Poet Cramb is an impressive visual artist, creating photographs and paintings as well as pursuing the fine craft of poetry.

This is a beautiful tome in 5 short poems, soundbites that left me wanting more. This love missive is fantastical, in the New Age style. The poetry is pared in, with creationist symbols of nature, seagulls, clouds, island as well as elements of Symbolist poetry, the disconnected intuitive thought train with illogical grand significance. And elements of the profound, not unlike Haiku in two breaths, the poetry writes, spinning new mythologies with childlike wonder.

“The Joyful Life

Our beds
we push together
to make one big
our sheets the clouds
above swept island
let me in
the marvelous flow”

Further Freedoms is fresh, new, a recreation of the poetic form that presents the dance of love, reclaiming romance, and yet at the same time is enigmatic. Perhaps presenting a hidden dialectic of the Poet Cramb, as the Artist, the one that struggles with life and love, and out of the thin air creates the ultimate celebration in poetry.

This book of poetry begins,


Seagulls so white
you would have thought
they had been Tom Sawyer
And they drifted aimlessly to no
Mindless and free.
Wind swept and sullen gulls.
Pickpockets of Nanaimo harbour.”

A quiet celebration of watching the seagulls, perhaps masking boredom and frustration, setting the stage and with a subtle humor/sarcasm he calls them “pickpockets.”

The next poem continues,

“Night as Belonging

My thoughts flutter around
an evening
light bulb
so caught upon the glare, that confu-
thwarted continuously
by the moths feet
upon burning glass”

Perhaps all is not well, a certain detail of moths against the hot glass of a lightbulb and a certain longing in the title.

The continuing story of contemplated love unfolds. It is good to remember the Holy Spirit/Karmic paradigm in the background of life and the fine science of discernment in love (World Peace Newsletter, Noel/Christmas Special 2011 @ Tea at Tympani Lane Records,, plus there are a few other gems, most at the beginning of the World Peace Newsletter page and this Writer has a rolling Twitter account with short universal truths on life and love.

New Age Poetry that is a fresh presentation of love in the dance, awake the day and night, Further Freedoms by Adam Cramb. We look forward to seeing more art and poetry from this artist.

Genre: Poetry, New Age, Romance

Available @ Leaf Press.

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