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Byline: Reprint from Subterranean Blue Poetry

Title of Book: Cherry

Author: Kimberlynne Darby Newton

Publisher: Subterranean Blue Poetry

Date of Publication: 2018

Pages: 57

"a teacup

in her bedroom

a teacup


nothing on"
- from his dresses: dark after dark by ai li

Cherry, provocative and beautiful Erotica from Kimberlynne Darby Newton, the celebrated Poet of Anthem and "Song of the South", published by Subterranean Blue Poetry. This Writer looks at the Book Cover and the fantastical, a large maraschino cherry in the mouth of a beautiful black woman. Art indeed. The entire book is the art of the committed love affair in nature imagery and the imagery of the boudoir, in a classical lilt. A progression in Beat poetry, the steady rhythm of soul and soul heats the sunshine day, new words often emerge and flower. This erotica is hot.

Erotica is a new trend in poetry, newly emerging like a flower in a world that is questing for a release from its brokenness, into happy committed love and intimacy. Highlighting the importance of real intimacy in a real life, this said from a large N.A. city where in parts, half the population lives alone. This poetry illustrates the nature of real, and the naturalness of true intimacy in a love bind that no one expects to end.

There is no celebrated tradition of Erotic poetry in English literature, it may have been underground but was not something openly celebrated or published in the official press. Ancient Greece and Rome featured poets such as Catullus, but the genre died out as a public offering. Historically there is an East Indian tradition of intimate poetry and also erotic Japanese Haiku which emerged in the 18th century. Around 1968 gay literature began to flourish with erotica and erotic poetry.

Currently, with art and poetry offerings celebrated everywhere on the Internet the popularity of the word and the picture seems to have manifested everyman as artist. With the surge in popularity of Haiku, erotic Haiku has not been far behind featuring such celebrated poets as ai li, Hiroaki Sato, Paula Fisher, Alexis Rotella, Gabriel Rosenstock, Richanda Turner, Uche Ogbuji and flowing over into Art Nouveau poetry including Hera Lindsay Bird, Vanessa Shields, Maddie Godfrey and almost any new poetry you may read seems to feature some kind of intimate portrayal, such is the new undressed nature of poetry.

As if the celebrated goddess, the djinn of love reigns in the New Age of mentoring and discernment, the Internet Information Economy. Please to the table, a feast of love and intimacy in the New Erotica, Cherry by Kimberlynne Darby Newton.

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Genre: Poetry, New Age, Women's Literature

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